How to make your pet dog a part of the family – Part 4

Human beings are not the only specie that require human contact, nuturing, love and understanding. Dogs that we bring into our home as domestic pets can sometimes require even more then we, as humans do. Humans and animals communicate in totally different ways, and the understanding of this difference is what makes us the perfect candidate for dog ownership. However, just being able to understand is not where our liability ends; we need to want our dog to be part of our family, not just an extension of it.

Dogs cannot communicate with us on the same level as our fellow human beings do with each other. However, if we take the time to know our dogs, we may find that we understand them more then we thought possible. Families tend to adopt their own type of verbage witiin the household, unique to other families. The same can be said about our dogs. Although we speak with words, dogs are unable too. Yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t understand what they are trying to say. Patience, time and a solid interest in knowing our dog is all it takes. A dog may not be able to speak to us when he needs to go outside, but their form of communicating i.e. pacing, standing in front of you, running back and forth from the door is a simple indication that something needs to be addressed. They know what they want; you need to learn the signs that they portray in any given circumstance. Understand that they communicate differently and you’ll understannd what they may be trying to say.

We’ve all heard at some time or another the stories about babes who fail to thrive due to the absence of human contact. Although our dogs won’t die because of it, they will certainly want and expect it. The face at the door, the wagging tail when you walk in the house is clear enough that someone has missed you. Let them know that you’ve missed them. Take the time to stop and greet them and they’ll continue to wait for you day after day. For those who think animals aren’t capable of emotion should see how my dogs react when I’m gone for eight hours. It takes twenty minutes of time with them before they’ll finally go their own way after they’ve known I’ve recognized our being apart. This isn’t a reflex, it’s a need; one we have to recognize.

Chaining a dog outside is not making them part of the family; it’s making them part of the property. Chained dogs aren’t pets; they’re extensions of chains. We can’t love or nuture something that isn’t near us enough to develop any contact with. If you want a

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