How to make your pet dog a part of the family – Part 3

In most circumstances no effort is actually required. Domestic dogs are social animals; all canines whether domesticated or wild species are. Therefore any domesticated dog introduced into a new “pack” will make its own efforts to conform to the rules of its new human/dog pack, the pack’s hierarchy and the dog’s new surroundings/territory.

Admittedly, it will determine who the leaders of its new pack are based on its own assessment of the hierarchy, a determination that may well surprise us! But your average pet dog is far more inclined to insert itself into its new family/pack as a subordinate, and in as trouble-free a manner as possible, than the most complacent human individual you may ever encounter. Only after it has done so, and only if there is no human it can readily perceive and accept as packleader, will it show any aggression besides fear aggression towards members of its new family. And it will be very reluctant to try to assume “leadership”, because most domestic dog breeds have been bred to be subordinate to humans for thousands of years.

The only variation on this theme you are likely to come across is with some rescue dogs or those breeds that still have a significant “wild” aspect, for example huskies. Puppies are usually no problem, after a brief introductory period; but older dogs those who have lived under the domination of the unfortunately large number of humans that try to believe in their own self-importance, and consider it their right to maltreat any individual, human or animal, they have power over – are likely to require a period of care and assurance to re-establish the natural communal order of a social species.

Many of the domesticated canine breeds have lived with us for thousands of years, and as previously stated, they have been breed throughout this time to be subordinate towards us, rather than dominant. Accept and treat them as part of your family, provide them with the alpha animal leadership they desire, and very soon they will be a devoted part, probably the most devoted part, of your family. They will recognize your children as being the children of the alpha pair, and will consider it a prominent part of their pack duties to nurture and protect them, tolerating physical abuse from young children we may often consider beyond the bounds of belief. And yet administering growls and nips as appropriate to older children that should know better. They are natural and excellent nannies for our kids!

Those who

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