How to make your pet dog a part of the family – Part 2

As we all know, dogs are descendants of wolves, even the most unlikely of pooches – the little curly white miniature poodle, for example. Wolves are pack animals, meaning that in order for them to feel whole, or complete, they must be a part of a tribe, not unlike humans.

But dogs still have their pack habits, despite several thousand years of trying to domesticate it out of them. And since dogs no longer have their wolf buddies to hang with, they need and expect that from other dogs, or absent that, their human counterparts.

The need for a dog to feel a part of a pack is in their DNA, and unfortunately for the poor dog, this is something that many humans don’t seem to realize or care about. Instead, they throw their dogs outside ALONE all day in their back yard and expect it to be just fine. Well the dog isn’t. The dog suffers terribly, crying, whining, barking and pleading for attention, love, affection. And their dumb owners with hearts of stone, simply don’t get it. This backyard neglect and abuse of dogs is incredibly common and widespread. Or worse, these owners lock their dogs up in a hot house in the summer while they are at work all day. Worse still, in a cage, that is so small they poor dog can’t even turn around in it. This kind of extremely callous treatment leads the dog to feel that he/she is being punished, and why wouldn’t it, since this is beastly treatment for any living creature. If the dog, goes to the bathroom in the house, who can blame the poor dog? She/he is hot, cramped, not being walked and can’t even stretch her/his legs. Then the owner, who in my opinion should spent some time in a small cell for animal abuse, to see what exactly it feels like – comes home and yells at and/or beats the animal. Yes, this sickening meanness towards these gentle animals is so common that it’s a clich. Or else why would there be so many dog (and other animal) sanctuaries.

So if you want your pet dog to be a part of the family, here are the things to do


1. Walk your dog daily. It needs fresh scenery and exercise just as much as you do. Take water for your dog, with a small container to put it in. I use a clean empty yogurt cup. When you see your dog out of breath, stop and give it some water. Water contains oxygen. Remember that dogs are wearing essentially a fur coat that makes them about 20 degrees warmer than us. Be sensitive to that. When you see a dogs tongue hanging out, it desperately needs water. He/she is dehydrated. When you

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