How to make your pet dog a part of the family – Part 14

The animals of the family are often times overlooked with all of the drama that is flying around among the humans of the household. That does not mean they mean nothing to you, or that you are an awful person for forgetting the most loyal to you, but you can still make it up to them and easily too!

My home has four dogs, which can be crazy hectic at times but I would not trade it in for the world. They wander around the kitchen, up the stairs, into the bedrooms, and I hardly even notice sometimes because I am so used to the fact they are around. I say that they do not get as much attention as they deserve when my head gets clustered with different thoughts of things to be done, or where I’ll be going in the week. When we got our newest puppy, he was almost a stranger for a good few months until I actually started bonding with him completely.

He started out as just a schedule. Take him out, Feed him, take him out, feed him, toss him a toy, clean up, let him out.. And on and on it went until I realized I had not been taking him for the walks I would have happily given our other dogs, instead I was stuck in this fast forward of getting him through his puppyhood.

I decided to make a turn around and get him some new toys for Christmas. A rubber tire chew toy being among one of his favorites. Whenever he would see it his eyes would light up and his tail would go crazy, especially if I coated it in a light layer of peanut butter, one of his favorite treats however messy it is in the end. In the morning I would toss it around the yard for him, and in an instant our entire life together turned around and we were bonding, which helped our three other dogs to adjust to him much easier. They started playing with him, and allowing him into our little pack. He is actually now inseparable from our Black Lab mix who adores him just the same.

That made it even more simple to keep him in check and a lot less stressful among the entire house. Now he actually had a play friend and he was not being shunned by the other animals. They could run around in our yard, wrestle inside, and play tug-o-war with his favorite tire toy. The entire family loves watching them play and we make sure to take them out at least two hours a day just so they can enjoy their time and bond with us through all of the cheering as they fetch whatever we throw.

We’re still working on getting them all to walk side by side without trying to play, but individual walks work for now, and I would recommend them to any dog owner. Just leash them up and plan a day out, with a lunch packed for you and your animal. It will be loads of fun, I promise, and there’s nothing like seeing your dog make new discoveries, especially if they are shared with you.

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