How to make your pet dog a part of the family – Part 13

The first answer is DON’T make your dog a member of the family!

Let him/her be a member of HIS family.

It is important to realize that dogs want to be DOGS, not humans! We tend to anthropomorphize all animals. Think a little bit! If your dog owned you, would you want him to make you go on all fours and bark?

NO! And your dog doesn’t want to be a human. In fact, being a dog dog is better than being a human, with the exception of Rotweilers and Pit Bulls who are usually engendered into being Nazis. They don’t have to be Nazis…you can take one as a pup and make a genial sweet dog of him if you act decently with and about him.

Let’s look a t a few dogs I have owned, going back years and years:

PUP…a German shepherd. He was playful and good with children, but had a desire to go in the wild. Eventually he became feral and went to the woods and cohabited with wolves and produced half-wolf half-dog puppies. About once a year he would show up at the farm and re-introduce himself. A happy wild creature.

Blackspot, an English bulldog and his Mother, Whitey.

WHITEY had seven puppies and all were given away to friends excepting Blackspot who stayed fifteen years. WHITEY bit my best friend when he approached her puppies. A natural reaction. WHITEY lived many years and finally succumbed at 18 curled in her dog house. Her son lived another few years, and rushing out to the nearby highway, was killed by a car to the great distress of me and my four brothers.

DON was bought by my Dad as a puppy in a trade. DAD traded a pig for him and he was about six weeks old. He was a purebred Saint Bernard, with papers! By the time he attained full growtth living on our large farm, he weighed 235 pounds. He was wonderful with us kids, and would burrow into th deep snow and we would find him by seeing the little chimney of steam coming up fro his nostrils.

DON had a bad habit…when dogs attacked him, he quickly broke their necks. After a few such encounters, my Father was forced to give him to a construction worker going to Alaska to construct the AlCAN Highway. Soon we got a clipping from an Alaska newspaper. Don had pulled 10,000 pounds on a sled to win the annual competition. wife and I nursed an older woman who,dying, asked us to ‘put down’ her fifteen year old Black Lab…With her safely on the way to God, we defied her wishes and kept him until he died at age 21 . That period was the best of our whole life of dogs, as ISAAC was intelligent, loved people, swam, hunted, was a gentlemn, and we wept for weeks at his 21 year old demise.

SAM…SAM was a Newfounland and was given to us by doctor who didn’t have a clue on looking after dogs. SAM was a four-months-old puppy, and very mean and healthy.

We carefully groomed and trained him to be quiet and decent but left his questionable personality toward strangers and other animals stay put under strict circumstances. He spent most of his life to age 18 in the passenge seat of my car, with his head on my lap.

Last October, he romped about the local library greensward, went to sleep on my knee, went home and ate his supper, chased the yellow cat, went to sleep and never woke up.

He is buried just by ISAAC and nearby is the tomb of my daughter’s dog PETA, a mongrel mutt.

They were all DOGS and were let to be DOGS.


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