How to make your pet dog a part of the family – Part 10

Dogs naturally, unless abused, neglected or afflicted with a disorder, love human companionship. Whip a dog over and over for a mistake and they will inevitably, continue to return to their abusive owner for quite some time. A dogs deepest desire to fellowship with the human species is ingrained in their very being. A dog becomes man’s best friend, his loyal companion and devoted buddy.

You see these faithful followers loving, obeying, entertaining and bonding to their favorite homo sapiens like a flock of fine feathered-friends. As soon as a new puppy enters the home, this small, furry creature automatically earns his right to his own Christmas stocking, receives a beaded necklace with name neatly inscribed amidst rhinestones galore, is given a throne made of fine silk adorned with down feathers and is named after royalty to which they are forever branded. These dog’s food bowls are made of porcelain with names embossed in gold and water bowls made of waterfalls offering fresh water 24-7. Their birth certificate, better known as registration papers, are neatly hung on the wall and the dog’s heroic histories, if any, are broadcast for all to hear every time guests comes to visit. These fans of the family quickly learn their places and all others bow in sincere respect to the canine’s deepest desires. A reverence falls on the entire household and these pooches of power readily exert their statuses when challenged.

Becoming a family member has its advantages and disadvantages. While Diva” puppy has full authority over her environment and there are human creatures running here and there to meet this Prima Donna’s every need, boundaries must be learned and respected in order for the palace to run smoothly. Obedience is better than sacrifice so when specific articles of clothing, pieces of furniture or cherished items are off limits, an abundance of blankets, beds and toys must be readily available. It’s expected this new family member has a place in the hearts as well as in the lives of his owner that no one else can fill. This buddy travels to exotic beaches, enjoys birthday celebrations with cakes made of beef flavored bones and peanut butter filling while their owners flood them with love, attention and exercise. Companionship is of the highest importance and bonding becomes as natural as breathing.

It’s not hard to make a pet part of your family when your love for the canine breed is as vast as the widest ocean and deep as the bluest sea. When their puppy breaths and their wet kisses envelope your face before your eyes open each morning, and the pitter patter of their hearts beat as one with your own, this pet has joyfully become an integral part of your family.

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