How to make your pet dog a part of the family – Part 1

Owning a pet dog is something that many of us take for granted. Did you know that there are thousands of dogs that are in need of a home? Once you have welcomed a pet dog into your family, you will have officially added one more member to your family. Our beloved dogs desire to be welcomed with open arms, loved, and pampered. Now I do not mean that the red carpet needs to be rolled out, but you should know that society expects your dog to be treated with respect! By adopting a puppy or older dog, you will have officially added a new member to your family.

“Rover” wants to be just like one of you. He will be looking up to you, as his owner, for direction in regards to how to behave. Your dog will let you know when he is hungry. In order to get your attention he may howl a little bit or whine. Once you and your dog have established a regular mealtime routine, he should not have to let you know when it is time to eat. Although, should you forget to feed “Rover,” he may let you know at a later hour. Once you and your dog have established a regular eating routine, your dog will feel like he belongs in your household.

Playtime is a great time for the whole family to bond. Remember, “Rover” would like to be included in playtime as well. A bag full of tennis balls can provide hours of entertainment for everyone! Each family member can toss a ball and with a little luck, “Rover” will retrieve the ball. This may take practice, but once ” Rover” learns that he is the focus of attention and rewarded with a pat on the back, he will keep chasing those lime green balls for hours on end. What dog would not feel like part of the family after a few hours of playtime?

As a dog owner you may not realize it, but your dog is always looking up to you for directions. He wants your permission to jump into the pool of cool water and he also desires your approval once he catches that tennis ball. “Rover” is constantly looking for your praise and positive feedback! As a responsible pet owner, you will deliver praise when necessary.

If your household is busy and constantly on the go, a great way to include “Rover” into your daily routine is to let him hop into the car when you take your kids to school. Most dogs enjoy the occassional car ride with kids in tow! “Rover” will not tell you, but he also enjoys that yearly visit to the veterinarian. He may plant his feet firmly, with all of his brakes on upon entering the veterinarian’s office, but once the visit is complete he will be glad he made the trip with you.

Dogs are unique animals, as they have the ability to show their love through the enthusiasm for life that they share with us. Many times we take each other and our dogs for granted. Through our love for our dogs, we are able to gain a new appreciation of life once we look into those dark brown, droopy eyes that provide us with hours of companionship. It is truly amazing that a 6 foot leash, dog collar, and a good pair of tennis shoes can provide hours of family bonding. Once we welcome “Rover” into our hearts, he will be part of our family until death us do part!

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