How to litter box train a stray kitten

Liter box training a kitten, rather it is a stray, one you have purchased, or your Queen Cat had a litter of kittens, can be very elementary. Sometimes we tend to make it harder than it should be or has to be.

All kitten are born with the natural instinct to dig or paw around prior to going to the bathroom. It is also a part of the nature to naturally paw in dirt, or something soft and moveable as to make a space and cover there mess after they are done.

If you have had other pets in the house, especially kittens, and they have urinated on the floor, rather it be visible or not, the new kitten can smell this and this will be a cue for her to potty in this spot. So, if your kitten is doing this once bring him/her home, you must buy a bottle of spray for the carpet that removes the urine or potty odor. I think a large spray bottle cost about $6.00 and last a very long time. Once you have the area cleaned up, I would suggest confining the kitten to a room with his litter box not to close to his food and, if time permits, stay in the room for a bit after he eats or wakes up and make sure he/she knows and goes to her box.

Once they learn to use the litter box, it is really easy for them to go back. You shouldn’t have to work with the kitten more than 4 to 5 times, as in helping he/she to get in the litter box after waking and or eating.

Just remember that when they are very small, they tend to get confused sometimes, especially when introduced to new surroundings, so it is really just a matter of routine. Once, he/she learns where their box is, their should be no problems.

Also remember cats have a very keen sense of smell, and if you let their litter box get to dirty, they won’t go in it. They will find a cleaner place. Cats usually won’t defecate where they live, they are such clean and picky animals. This is another reason why they are very easily trained to a litter box.

I would keep their food and litter box in close proximity to the other, so they can find the litter box quickly after eating, just remember not to get too close as the kitten may accidentally throw or kick litter on the food.

If the kitten is real small, make sure you have a litter box that they are able to crawl into and if they throw to much litter out while trying to master their skills when very small, you can always start out with shredded newspaper in a small box cut down to size till they get a little larger.

One last tip, but relatively important; try to clean their litter box out once a day. It only takes a minute or two, and gives them a fresh place to go leaving the rest of your home as their home too..

I have had many cats and help care for several liters of kittens, it truly is a very simple method that is based on their own natural instincts.

Hope this helps.

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