How to know when it is time to put a dog to sleep


When to put our beloved pet dogs to sleep? A burning question in every dog-lovers heart. They are more than just dogs, and some even more than just pets. They play a huge roll within a family, or a one on one relationship. Too many of these carry on suffering where they cannot speak our words, or convey exactly how they feel. Don’t believe for a minute they haven’t got their own way of speaking.

Anyone with half a heart should be able to read their body language, if it is simply pure old age which is taking its’ toll. Anyone with enough love will read even their pet’s eyes, or mind. They are one of the most expressive faces within this loving kingdom of our canine friends, who only have to blink an eye, if you are awake to what they are asking. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot.

What if you were desperate to only say, “Please help me. I cannot take another day.” And your owner just gave you a good old reassuring pat (harder than you felt up to,) saying, “You’ll feel better tomorrow Buddy,” when all you want to do is die. You’ve given your owner everything of yourself in the time you have been together. Been the most faithful of friends. But know in yourself, there has to be more, than being close to vegetating.

The reasons of agreeing may be as variable as the meaning given to Love. In this case, it is not what, but who. Another very much loved-one, in another form, other than human. And yet very human. In this case, the question is directed at our dogs. It is not a question of being compassionate. It is Love, with compassion, in the form of a question. “When can I go to sleep?”

I have reached a point with my Pet Dogs, where I feel I just could not go through another loss. My heart still breaks for the last, and the one before that, to right back when I ever had my first. He, was a Pomeranian, rescued from the, “No claim, Animal Welfare Home.” To go through all that pain and suffering of another loss, (after my young husband’s death,) I died a little more, but it was I who had to be awake enough to recognize, how my companion was hanging in for me, and not himself. It was his time to sleep.

Circumstances can be very different. I once had a 9 month old. black miniature Toy-Pom, who broke his neck. My heart broke as much as his tiny little neck, but there was no choice but to take him out of this terrible state of knowing he didn’t stand a chance. The Doctor helped put him to sleep as I cuddled my tiny black bundle of fluff. His suffering was more than mine.

It is not playing God, as many would believe. Being humane to those suffering beyond a cure, or help, is not even a choice. But is for the relief of more suffering, from an even more cruel death. I cannot condone any cruelty to any animal. Why then should I let my own little souls suffer, if this can be relieved where there is no option, but for them to be put to sleep.

Now I have another little black cross Maltese-toy-Pom. Would I go through this again for her?

(My present little black bundle of eight years.) I always weep too long, and my heart breaks. But not long enough to watch them suffer in my own selfish time, because I Love too much. I have to pray I have the courage to know the difference of when and why.

Something deep inside tells you, that you will not need to ask. Vets have their humane relief in an injection. Within seconds they are sleeping in your arms. Be with them, and carry them over the thresh-hold, even as they would be at your side. If my hand has been the one to Love her, let me have to Courage to Love her even more if she should need to go to sleep, before me.

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