How to keep your pet when surrender seems to be the only option

Your pet can be your companion, family member and best friend. But sometimes, particularly with today’s economic crisis, it can become too much to afford to keep them and care for them as they need. One of the hardest decisions you may have to make, is that you must surrender your beloved pet and find a new home for him.

But is this really the only option? Sometimes yes, but sometimes there are measures you can take in an attempt to keep your pet. It will almost definitely mean sacrifice on your behalf. If finances are the reason that you are struggling to support your pet, then you must research and seek out all available sources. You can dig through your house and consider a yard sale. This will not only provide a little income, but will help you clean up a lot of unwanted clutter and items in your home, making you feel better about that too. If you advertise your yard sale as a fundraiser’ to help support your pets, that may also attract more attention and appeal to the hearts of a community willing to help.

Alternatively, assistance with veterinary bills can be found within certain agencies and organizations online. Some charities offer financial help or credit when it comes to footing the astronomical vet bills.

Another option to consider, however no doubt scarce, is if you have friends with children who perhaps would love to have a pet. Before their parents need shell out and shoulder the responsibilities of having their own pet, you can offer to loan your pet dog or cat to them. This will give the child an opportunity to learn the responsibility of owning a pet, the time and care that goes into it and they will be able to make a decision about getting their own. During this time, you will be able to save that money that usually goes on caring for your animal. You will need to find a trustworthy friend and it would not hurt to draft up a contract for both parties to sign to avoid any potential of cruelty or neglect. That way you can always visit your pet any time you wish to.

Additionally, this works for larger animals such as horses. Leasing a horse can generate income for you, even if only a small amount. It will however unburden you from the cost that goes into feeding and maintaining such a large animal. Eventually you will be able to regain your riding companion when the lease ends and you have a little extra money. Always create a lease contract, since horses are often the subject of disputes between owners and lessees.

However, sometimes a

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