How to keep your cat from destroying your home

Cats are just born to be home wreckers. There is no other explanation. Once the cat is done clawing the walls, peeing on the carpet, and shedding on your counter tops you need to add cat protection to your homeowner’s insurance policy! They are independent curious creatures. If it is in the house they must climb on it, claw it, or climb up it. It is true cats are much easier to housebreak than a dog but when it comes to discipline your dog will way surpass your cat. How can you teach your feline companion the deal breakers in your household?

Cats love to scratch things. It is a natural instinct they have from birth. They do not know the difference in your favorite easy chair, table leg, or the tree outside, all they know is it sure does make a good item to sharpen their claws on. I suggest buying the cat a scratching post and teaching it the area of the house where it is. If they are going to claw you might as well invest in them something to claw on to save your household furniture. The cost is much more acceptable for a scratching post than a new living room suit. Some think that cats indoors need their claws clipped. Claw clipping is fine but please do not declaw your pet it is a very painful experience for them. Claw clipping will cost around ten to twenty dollars a month. You will need to have them clipped about every two weeks. If you are brave enough you can clip your own cats claws and foot the bill. There are also plastic covers for kitty claws that you can find in pet shops. These covers are similar to fake nails and will last a week or so for your pet. These are not cheap investments and must be applied by you.

Cats also love to climb on things such as counter tops, stoves, dining tables, etc. Cats do not like the bottom sides of floor runners. If you are having problems with a cat climbing on a level surface like a table, island, or counter top go buy yourself a new floor runner. Each night before you go to bed lay the runner bottom (prickly side) up on your surface. The cat may jump up there but will quickly jump back down because this is uncomfortable to their paws. Do this routinely every night for a few weeks. Soon your cat will not think about jumping up there anymore because they will know what is going to happen when they do.

Cats do not like water. You can always invest in a cheap spray bottle and squirt your cat when they get in places they are not supposed to be. This trick works as long as you have your eye on your pet but the minute your back is turned they can run wild. Cats do not like this so if you can keep the routine in check long enough they will decide it is simply not worth the trouble.

Cats can always be left outside when you are going to be gone from home providing you have not declawed them or have cat-hating dogs. Being outside will allow your cat the freedom to run and play. Cats also like trees to climb and sharpen claws on which may in the long run save your furniture, drapes, and walls. Cats will be tired and into less menace after a good days play in the outdoors.

Cats are not for all people. If you are not a patient person and cannot stand to have items damaged an indoor cat is probably not for you. Should you choose a cat for your pet be prepared to teach them that counters, tables, curtains, etc are not where they are supposed to be and that all your furniture is not for claw sharpening. In the long run the relationship you have with your cat is worth every claw mark in your wall and on your favorite chair but sometimes it is just hard to remember it.

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