How to introduce your new pet to his environment and animal companions

Introducing a new pet into your home can traumatic, both for the new pet and for any pets that may already live there. It is important to follow the proper steps to ensure that the transition not only goes as smoothly as possible, but that your pets will become friends instead of enemies.

It is much easier to introduce a pet into a home that has had no previous pets. This is because there will be no jealousy. The new pet (we’ll call it an only child) will be scared for the first few days, but he or she should quickly acclimate if given the proper guidance and attention. Some important things to remember are that you must show the pet where everything is. Food, water, litter boxes or backyards, beds, and toys should be the first things you show to the new child. Don’t feel discouraged if they seem sacred of you or their new surroundings.

When introducing a new puppy into a home that already has a dog, it is important to show both dogs that they are loved. The older pet will not initially be happy about a new pet. There will be some jealousy from both animals, but it is important to spend time with each pet. At first play with each pet individually, and after a short time try playing with both dogs together. They will eventually learn to get along, and before you know it, they will be willingly playing with each other.

Introducing a cat into a home that has a dog can sometimes be a tricky undertaking. It generally takes a few weeks for the animals to become acclimated to the change, but it will eventually happen. Try placing the cat along with his or her food and litter box in a separate closed room for the first few days until the cat is used to you. Make sure you make frequent visits to spend time with the cat. After this first week, start leaving the door open for short periods of time. Keep visiting the cat, but refrain from brining the dog with you. Eventually try leaving the door open all the time when you are home. Never discourage the cat from leaving the room, but always discourage the dog from attacking or chasing the cat. After a while, you will notice that the cat will venture out of his or her safe haven, and you may eventually see the cat and dog playfully pouncing on each other. You might even notice that they preen each other and take naps together.

Bringing a new pet home can seem trying, but with a little positive reinforcement you will soon see your new family member thriving

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