How to help an aggressive rescue dog


More than likely a poor aggressive dog which needs rescuing, is more aggressive out of shear fear. Yet, one must approach the situation with great care, and as if dealing with a wild animal. The saying ‘one has to be cruel to be kind’, is true. If a vet, or Animal Rescue are able to attend this, provided the rescue situation allows, they can dart the dog with a tranquilizer. It is much kinder to put the dog only out of it’s temporary fear and terror – while it is in distress – than anything worse which could come from the situation.

Failing any vet not being in attendance, anyone who is able to administer by injection, a tranquilizer, may be of assistance, injecting the area into the muscle, hopefully near the rump or shoulder, as a relaxant. Some-one with their own safety kit and training may be on hand to come to the poor dog’s aid. Any help, is better than no help… in any rescue.

The place and situation would require different tactics, plus to get close enough to whatever means were required, to consider the dog’s reason if it is accelerated aggression. In dire straits for it’s life, it is likely to lunge and snap at anyone and anything. Be ready in taking something to cover it’s head, from ‘seeing’. Though this will cause disorientation, it may give that exact moment to seize this poor pet, shutting it off temporarily from it’s aggressiveness, giving that split second to take control, and to help it.

Only the situation will rule which way this pet is rescued. Instinct sometimes steps in, and just seems to deal with emergencies with some people who are placed in sole situations, who take risks and responsibility without thought of themselves. A pet/dog lover would do this. Soothing, is what this poor aggressive pet needs. Speaking to help it lose it’s fear is much of the aggression solved. The other half is winning it’s trust, in knowing only it, is being helped, and you are the one saving it. No dog, nor wild animal is dumb, and senses every reaction by the rescuer/s.

If injury is evident, this dog can also be frightened to aggravated aggression with pain; feeling instead it is caught in struggling alone. Agony gripped with fear can cause it to aggressively try to bite. No dog lover likes any in pain, and here they must become steeled as a surgeon dealing with their own heart, as well as the dog’s. No-one is of help where emotions over-ride the rescue, other than to help the one needing to be rescued. By now one may eventually be able, having covered this dog’s vision, or darted with tranquilizer, to stroke or soothe it. Yet quick action is called for.

The dog will have settled in to the knowledge no-one was there to harm it, and eventually, it’s aggression becomes either sedated, or submitted to help. This poor aggressive pet can then be saved.

Within the different ways an aggressive dog may and must be rescued, some-how when it just happens, anyone with a heart and instinct will sum up it’s method as called for. But the kindest way still remains, to be able to use the tranquilizer dart. Yet without it, always the best solution will go into action, for the pets dog’s sake. From there… any injuries can and will be attended accordingly.

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