How to help a timid rescue dog


When one is called to the rescue of a timid dog, great care should be taken first for it’s assurance that you are there with no harmful intension. Even all the hype of so much going on around it – if there is more than one person – will be overbearing for this poor dog. It needs confidence to surround it, not panic.

Fear can have many responses – even on a human during rescue – and some, just ‘freeze’. It is one of nature’s shock and numbing chemicals kicking in, and not to be taken only as the word ‘timid’ itself, A timid dog has a whole different aura. One which requires a great deal of care, but a very different approach.

This dog knows it is in a foreign zone, and even if resigned or withdrawn, it is ‘not knowing’ what to do in helping, which this timid dog will pick up very quickly, just as they pick up fear. Dogs, are the first to know what you feel. A timid dog would pick up fear, or distress, and must be helped and coaxed with a steel will, yet a fearless soft heart.

A calm attitude with confidence is what this poor dog needs. It is a known fact that some of the most timid humans, have been more brave. So be the same for a timid dog rescue. Shock must be considered. Exhaustion and dehydration could appear timid. One must be prepared for any form of injury, even the unseen, which could be internal.

Any rescue is urgent, and always calls for quick action. Animal Rescue of any description is always best called for if injury is definitely visible. These people are equipped as any with the best possible aid, but if they cannot be notified, you could find yourself, as the dog’s owner, or a stranger, the only one on the scene. You, have to deal with the situation. This dog is depending on you, being with it.

Rescuing one’s own dog is not pleasant for dog or rescuers heart, and a heavy wrenching of the spirit is a part of it. Risking one’s own life for a beloved, timid pet dog, many have won and suffered injury to save their faithful companion. Then had to call for, or rush their dog to the vet, without thought for their own injury also.

Some pet dogs become disorientated if lost, and rescue is called for. If a timid pet dog is where it can be reached, and seen well, this poor dogie’s tail hangs limp or between it’s legs. This usually defines fear – not to run – but seeming defeat. It should be approached with very assuring love.

This is the bottom line for the rescue of a timid dog. Comfort, secure, and lots of tender, loving care.

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