How to get rid of that pesky dog smell

Have you ever visited someones house, walked through the front door and been greeted by dogie odour? As a new visitor to the abode your sense of smell will be acute to anything alien and unpleasant smelling. The householders may be blissfully unaware that their furry companions have made their home a little whiffy, and their clothes too.

If you have dogs which create that pesky smell on a regular basis then the chances are that you are unaware of it. You will, of course notice when a new smell arrives. However, an old damp dog smell that has lingered for a while is harder to detect when you have been living with it on a regular basis.

Therefore, if you own a pet dog who lives indoors with you then you probably need to be aware that not only can they make a smell on occasion, but that they leave their smell behind them where they live.

Smells can come from dog hair that has been dropped. This can happen all around the house but is most noticeable where a dog sleeps, or spends most of his or her time. Different breeds of dogs shed different amounts of fur. So if your dog sheds allot you can be sure that you will need to keep on top of removing furry particles, hair and fluff from around your home in order to avoid nasty pongs.

Another reason for dogie odour is rolling. Most dogs love to roll in as many foul things as they can find. If you are out walking while your dog runs free you may not notice if they have a little patch of some delicacy on their fur. However, you or your visitors will undoubtedly notice when the smell is contained within four walls.

The way around this is to give your dog a regular bath in special odour relieving dog shampoo. This specialist shampoo should be kind to your dogs skin and so can be used often.

Another way to prevent pesky dog smells is to groom your dog each day. This removes dead skin cells, bits and bobs that have been entangled in fur and loose hairs. It will also leave your dog feeling more comfortable and with a healthy, shiny coat.

If your dog has bad breath, which is certainly pesky in the smell department, then it could be that he or she has bad teeth or gums. Or, it may just be something to do with the food that you are feeding them. Either way, it is essential that you have your dog checked by a veterinarian if this is a recurring problem.

Another reason why your friendly pooch may smell bad could be his or her ears. Ears are delicate and prone to infection for some dogs. Most of the time infections can be cleared up quickly if a treatment is used. If this isnt dealt with then your dog will become very uncomfortable and may develop hearing problems.

Sometimes dogs can also get a waxy build up in their ears, just like humans can. This problem responds well to treatment too and once cleared up can dramatically reduce the pong factor.

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