How to find someone who loves you (and your pets) – Part 4

“How to find someone who loves you (and your pets)”

Being single, lonely, and closed in can make a person feel very helpless. Having a pet can help ease the loneliness, and can bring companionship and love into your life. This is an excellent start towards a full life, and can, believe it or not, be a spring-board towards meeting eligible singles who share your wants, needs, desires, and hobbies!

Taking care of a pet is not something that can be taken on lightly, nor does it give the person an automatic ticket towards love and care of another being. A pet (like a lover) creates a two-way relationship, with both parties having needs and the ability to help each other feel loved and accepted. Care for pets creates a need for understanding a lot of patience. There is no ability to just leave, which creates a connection and commitment. These factors coming from animal companionship (not ownership, pets are more family than a possession!) help a person prepare and understand how to care for others. Empathy, understanding, and patience are all qualities that not only improve interpersonal relationships, but also go a long way towards a strong long-term pet relationship.

Having a pet is a wonderful way to ease stress, lower blood pressure, and feel “connected” to another being. These companions are loyal, happy to see you, and always ready for affection. Having these little friends can help a person also get out and about, including going for walks, meeting people (who also have pets) at the pet store or grooming area. There is an easy conversation in having two pets “meet” each other on the street, and can lead to both people easily connecting and firing up an interesting conversation.

Finding someone who can love you and your pets requires very little work. Being able to be open about your pet and your devotion to the animal shows the potential for commitment, care capability, and ability to be open to others and their needs. By showing these properties a person becomes more desirable, trustworthy, and able to be cared for and about. Talking about these strong points also attracts others to newfound personality traits that show both a caring attitude and a commitment towards others.

Easy conversation is a great way to meet a new love. Starting the conversation becomes easy when it is over the shared love of a pet. Talking about habits of the pets, including nicknames, funny memories, or even discussions about common care items (type

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