How to find someone who loves you (and your pets) – Part 3

The hunt for unconditional love continues for many Americans today. With the divorce rate as high as it’s ever been, finding someone who truly loves you has become more important than ever. While searching for the perfect companion, we often find that the baggage they carry far exceeds the maximum allowed at your airport of love. Emotional scars from the past, children from previous marriages or relationships, and the inability to trust again, can all write a recipe for disaster. Oops, did I forget to mention I have a dog?

While having a pet may seem like a small leap for anyone whose trying to find the perfect match, pet lovers alike will agree that their pet’s happiness is as important as their own. When the fist broken heart came around, Fido was there – wagging his tail and offering a paw to lean on. When you didn’t get a callback for that dream job you’d always wish for – Felix purred a few comforting words in your ear and all was well. What about the time you had been out of work for a few months and the cupboards were bare? Barkley was munching on the premium dog food you spent your last 10 bucks on.

We will go to great extremes to ensure the contentment of our animal friends – so why shouldn’t our soul mate? If you’re a pet lover, but you need a human to love as well, there are many places to search! While there are the obvious options for meeting a heart in heat, like visiting a dog park, pet store, or a pet show, there’s also a more conventional option. At pet lovers can show off their pet while corresponding with others that have similar interests. Its very easy to upload photos of your pet, send messages to others, search for potential interests that meet YOUR criteria, or even invite some of your personal pet loving friends. Along with having your ideal match at your fingertips, you’ll also be able to enter yourself and your animal into a fun photo contest that could yield a $250 prize!

If you don’t find your soul mate at, but you’ve found them elsewhere, you’ll find the pet care section of the site a life saver! From tips on how to find a great pet sitter to information about how to cope with animal allergies. This website offers a great deal of fun and interactive activities for you, your pet, and the (other) love of your life!

One more thing…If your search for love has ended with the perfect person, and babies are in your future, check out for tips on introducing you pet to a new baby. Good Luck!

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