How to find someone who loves you (and your pets) – Part 2

Being Single At the Dog Park

I looked into his deep, soulful eyes; I was captivated watching the lights flicker in those chocolate cesspools. His commanding stance was something I could not ignore. I admit it- I was intoxicated and, quite possibly, in love. Then, his owner came trotting behind him, making me wonder who the real canine was. ( What? You didn’t think I was this enamored with a HUMAN male, did you?)

As a woman of intelligence and a certain amount of class, I tend to judge a man by two things: how he treats a server at a restaurant, and, of course, his dog. Men with cats get immediately dismissed; cats are sneaky, promiscuous creatures so I hold no hope for the man who takes one as his pet. Dogs, however, are rich, colorful, and full of life. (Wo)Man’s best friend, after all.

Which is why my trips to the dog park have become more frequent in the subsequent months. Strolling the the park on a brisk fall day, admiring the gorgeous canines, I get to observe their owners. Chat rooms and speed dating have nothing on my keen foresight when it comes to a man and his dog. As for example, the Labrador that completely swept me off of my feet belonged to a goofy, cartoon character of a man who was, at this moment, jogging towards me.We made the usual chit-chat, admiring each others’ animals, comparing breeds and family lines when my Sasha, a German Shepard, fell into a spastic fit. I froze, terrified of losing my best friend, my rock.

The man I had been so quick to dismiss and judge ( Nick was his name) sprang into action, calling his vet, who was thankfully only five minutes away. Nick and Zeus, the chocolate Lab I was crazy about, gave me a ride to Dr. Stephens’ office. While the doctor accessed the damage, my shoulders shook as I cried silently, my quiet tears falling on Nicks’ comforting shoulder. All I seem to remember was the feeling of safety and warmth in Nick’s arms.After what felt like an eternity, Dr. Stephens came out and told me Sasha was fine; we just needed to administer medicine to help future seizures.

At dinner that night, Nick and I marveled at how much we had in common. I felt like I’d known him for years. And as we kissed in the candlelight, I glanced over his shoulder at my Sasha asleep next to Zeus, and thought I saw Sasha open her eyes and wink right at me.Like I said, dogs are magical animals.

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