How to find someone who loves you (and your pets) – Part 1

“How old is that cat?” was the first thing she asked when she walked into my house. When I told her he was seven, she asked “How long do they live?” I told her he would live to be twenty. While my cat didn’t make it to twenty, my relationship with this woman did not make it to the end of the month. I was devastated. Not about losing this relationship, but about losing my cat a few years later. People who are not animal people cannot relate to the bond we have with our pets, and should be summarily eliminated from the pool of prospective “significant others”. You wouldn’t consider going out with someone who had serious hygeine issues, so why consider dating someone who doesn’t want your cat around?

Then there was another girlfriend. The cat never liked her. It was a very strange scenario whenever she would come over. Where the aforementioned woman let me know right up front that she didn’t like pets, this woman said she loved them. And my cat was the kind of animal who loved people. He was always out in the living room when people came to visit, always walking up to people and brushing against their legs. He was a loving little guy. But not toward this woman. He would turn his back on her and leave the room. I tried to bring him in, like you do with a little kid who doesn’t want to meet his Aunt Helen because she always pinches his cheeks and wants a kiss. And the cat dutifully sat there; he even let her pet him a little. First chance he got, he was out of sight.

I was really disappointed about this whole thing between the cat and this woman, because I saw a future with both of them in it. The woman just laughed it off, and said that he must be jealous because someone else was receiving attention from me. But he had always liked everyone who came over. I had gone out with other women, and he always liked them. Sometimes he appeared to like them more than he liked me. He just never warmed up to this woman. I was kind of mad at the cat for a while about this, but eventually I realized that he was right. The end of that relationship was heart wrenching, but again, not as much as when I lost the cat.

The trick may lie not as much in finding a person who loves your pet, but in finding a person your pet loves. If you have a good natured cat like I had, he will love almost everyone, with the exception of those who you probably shouldn’t love either. Sometimes pets know more than we do. It could be instinct, it could be divine intervention, or it could be the loyalty of a creature who loves you without reservation. Whatever it is, pay attention to your pet. The one thing I have enjoyed the most about having a cat is the occasional realization that he is probably smarter than me. Use this to your advantage.

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