How to find someone who loves you (and your pets)

It is hard enough to find your soul mate on your own, let alone trying to find one that loves your pet as well. Love will make a partner tolerate or even love your pet along with you. In today’s busy world where people are rushing around, and living life to the full, a pet is usually the one thing that keeps many people grounded. That ball of fluff as been there through all the breakups, the heart ache and played with the dirty tissues.

There are hundreds of ways to meet the person of your dreams. Online, in the park, at the races, dinner parties or just a chance encounter on the street. But I feel that it is prudent to mention that to win the heart of the owner, you will have to win the heart of the pet.

Finding that one person whom will love you and your pets is hard, a good place they say are where you find your pet. Shared or mutual adoration of your pet is an easy way to ensure they will get along. Parks, shows, shelters, are all good places to find people whom share the love of your pet. A dog lover will haunt parks, a cat lover, pet shops and a horse lover, agricultural shows and riding trails.

Online love is becoming a very popular way for people to meet and greet before actually meeting face to face. This enables one to show off their pets, and explain how much they mean to them in their life. It allows the would be partner to see if they will be able to handle the animal, to say if they like or dislike then to learn about them. If a person has there internet page plastered with photos of their cat, you could say that they love their pet, and any negativity towards the cat would not be seen as prudent.

For cat lovers all around the world, pet shops and shows are where you will find them. The cat lover will be identified by the love of the arrogance the cat or kitten shows. Some people just cannot stand to be near an animal that thinks that its entire existence was created so you would have something to feed and play with. Some people are allergic, for the cat lover to find love, they will need to accept tolerance from there partner about their pet, and understand that they may never understand or agree with you that your cat is Purrrfect.

The cats are a unique animal, and those entering in a relationship with a cat lover need to understand that the cat will have his say. The old saying is dogs have masters and cats have slaves is very true. People just do not train their cats, and their solitary nature lets them get away with a lot.

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