How to find medical and special care for exotic pets

Exotic pets can range anywhere from A pet rat to a cheetah. many of these animals are wild and therefore not recommended to keep as pets . They require specific care and treatment including visits to an exotic pet veterinarian .

You can always ask your local veterinarian if they provide treatment for exotic pets . If not perhaps it can recommend someone to you .

You can go to the library and look for books on exotic pet care . While there you can always ask the reference librarian to locate reference books on the subject . The librarian may also be able to rent books from a larger library or from an organization where these materials are available . This is called interlibrary loan .

Your local zoo or zookeeper may have information on exotic pet care however they obviously frown upon individuals privately owning such pets . They may have a program where you can become the owner of an adopted exotic pet, that resides in the zoo at all times . The money you contribute helps provide care for these animals .

If you live in a larger city You might be able to locate an exotic pet veterinarian Just by looking in the telephone book .

You might be able to look online and locate organizations or clubs That might give out information on caring for and owning exotic pets .

I did a search online to locate exotic pet care and veterinarians and these are the resources I came up with .

Of course since I have several pet rats I have listed some resources on them as well as general exotic pets . s.html m/ icles/art4109.aspIf you llaboutexotics.html

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