How to find a good home for a pet – Part 1

There are a number of reasons why one may choose to find a good home for a pet other then their own. Perhaps your pet had babies or you are no longer to take care of your pet. Maybe you are like me who can not resist the sight of a stray and bring him to your home until you can find his home or find a new suitable home for him to be welcomed into. No matter your reasoning there are ways that you can find a good home for any pet.

Ask around to your responsible friends and family members. Maybe they are looking for a pet or know someone who is. This way you can always check up on the pet from time to time.

Go to local Veterinarian offices and ask the staff there if they are looking for a pet or know anyone that is. Perhaps they can ask their customers if they are interested. It is a great place to turn to since ones there are taking care of their pet they have already.

Place an ad in your local newspaper, it is fairly cheap and a great place to receive alot of attention. Make sure that you put a good description of the pet and that you want a good home for the pet to be welcomed into.

Pet Rescue Organizations can also help you in finding a suitable home for the pet. Most animal shelters will let you post in their office about the adoption of the pet. Just make sure that you do not put your address on anything. Just place a phone number on it and allow them to call for further information upon adoption of the pet.

When you start to receive potential adopters make sure you screen them over the phone beforehand. Ask them questions as to why they want to adopt the pet and the accomodations they will give to the pet. Ask if they have other pets or children if the dog is not compatible with others and that sort. If you allow the person to talk you are sure to find out a bit about them. Listen to your intuition! Ask them if they are allowed to have pets where they live and the size of the yard the pet can roam and any other questions you have.

Make sure that you listen to your intuition. If something just doesn’t seem right then move on to the next interested person until you find the one that you fill will take the best care of the pet. This is the pets life you are talking about so don’t fill bad! The worst thing you can do is allow a person who seems a bit strange take the pet and then you will always wonder what is going on with the pet.

When it is time for you to adopt out the pet, if you are not comfortable with allowing strangers at yuor residence offer to deliver the pet to them or meet up with them at a local park. If you deliver the pet to their residence it offers you some input to their lifestyle and can be helpful to you in giving up the pet.

You can also tell the adopter that if things don’t work out with their new pet to call you and return him. This way it gives them a trail period to see if the pet is compatible with them.

It can be hard to let go of a pet no matter the time that you have had him. Just make sure that you find a good and loving home for the pet so that you rest assured he is well taken care of.

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