How to find a good home for a pet

Finding a good home for a pet is sometimes very hard to do. There are a few things that I do that helps to screen potential pet owners but in no way will guarantee that a good home will be provided. All we can do is our best.

When I have a litter of kitten or puppies that i need to find homes for, I don’t advertise in a newspaper. This may sound harsh but I have had many people respond to advertisements that I know would not take good care of a pet. This is not to include all people. I know there are a lot of good people who answer those adds but it is so hard to go through them all.

The first place I let a new litter be known about is at my veterinarians office. If you place a sign on the bulletin board at least you know it is being read by someone who is taking care of a pet already or they wouldn’t be at the vet’s office. Your vet and the receptionist, or assistant will also spread the word and will only let people who are of good character know. They would never recommend to someone unsavory where to get a pet.

Another place i like to let it be known about my litter is to my friends who have pets. These folks I have saw take care of their pets and know that they would not recommend to anyone who would abuse or mistreat a pet. I am more apt to be less apprehensive about letting someone who was recommended by any of these adopt one of my pets.

Another place that is good to advertise is at the local humane society. I know they wish to adopt out their own pets but at times they will have people who want a special breed of dog or cat or any other pet. When this happens they will recommend you if they know you have and will take care of your pets. If the humane society recommends someone it is usually someone you can trust since normally these pets are paid for.

I like to ask questions of potential pet lovers. I want to know things like what other types of pets they have, any experience with pets, how many people and the age range of members of the household and who will take care of the new pet should they become ill or have to travel. These are just a few but don’t be afraid to be nosy. You want someone who will take care of the little critter.

Just remember you need to feel comfortable with whomever you let have one of your pets. If you can’t feel comfortable how would you expect a small animal to feel comfortable. It is our job as pet owners to help in abolishing animal cruelty. So, do your part and screen those potential owners!

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