How to clip a cats claws

I take a simple approach to trimming my cats’ claws. As such, I will present the approach simply, in a list article.

*Start at Your Pet Supply Store

Your favorite retailer of sundries for pets will sell you a specialized tool for clipping cat claws. Do yourself a favor and buy this item!

*Once Home, Be Gentle

I have had enough cats and scratches to know that any show of force only agitates felines and makes matters worse. With your new “weapon” concealed, pick up your kitty sweetly, almost inadvertently. You don’t want him or her to get the sense you are “on a mission”.

*Apply a Little Force

If you are not already seated, sit! Move your cat to your lap. (I hope you are wearing long pants!) Slowly, position your cat to where it is prone to your maneuvers. Getting and keeping the upper hand here depends upon the instance. Sometimes, you will need to gingerly trap “Fluffy” by the lower body, between your thighs. At other times, you will find you need to lean forward to limit the cat’s movement. Do whatever works, as long as it does not hurt your pet.

*Make Your Move!

Slip your new clipping tool from your pocket and work quickly. (And hope that you have caught your cat in a generous moment. I have one cat who sometimes purrs when I give his claws a snip.) Go first for the front paws, as claws on the hind paws will be a little duller. This may be important if your furry friend becomes “freaked”. At each digit, nimbly push on the cat’s joints to expose the claw. Place your tool into position. Clip! (Be conservative as you trim. You only need to take off the sharp tip, and going too deep will draw blood.)

*Stay Calm. Don’t Stop!

No matter how upset this “ordeal” makes your pet, keep your cool. This will help you and your pet “get it over with” as quickly as possible. Once you have trimmed one claw, move to the next. Be efficient and gentle. Before you know it, you will have trimmed all four paws.

*Let Go!

Your cat will want to get away from you. Let it. You can “pet and make up” later.

These steps present an easy way to keep your cat’s claws trimmed, and less likely to scratch items you want kept nice.

Good luck! If your cat takes the trimming hard, don’t fret. Cats forgive us quickly.

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