How to choose a pet – Part 1

Choosing a pet comes with lots of choices. Small or Big? Dog or cat? Before getting a pet you should think what kind of pet is best for my family and why are you getting one? Having a pet may be fun but there are a lot of things to think about before buying a pet. There are also lots of responsibilities for any pet big or small.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are thinking about getting a pet:

Do I have the time necessary to care for this animal’s needs?

Do I have the physical space required for this pet? Does this pet need a yard?

Do I have the money to care for this animal? It is often more expensive than you think!

Is this pet suited to the place where I live? A large dog may not be very happy in a big city if there is no yard.

If I get this pet, will I physically be able to handle the animal on walks? This one is especially important when the owner is elderly or when children will be the primary caretakers.

Do I have young children in the house? If so, a puppy might not be the best choice. Having a puppy in a household with a tiny child can be like having two small children competing for the attention of the parent. Puppies can also be very high energy and can sometimes cause accidents and injury to the child. An adult dog may be calmer and may be a better choice for people with young ones.

Some other questions to ask are:

Determine what you want from your relationship with a pet.

Do you want to give and get a lot of attention or would you rather have minimal interaction with your pet?

Do you love it when a dog or cat jumps into your lap, or would you prefer more distance?

How do you want to spend time with your pet? (e.g., outdoor activities or quietly sitting and relaxing)

Consider the important physical requirements of a pet, and what you have to offer. Love is important, of course, and that love needs to be made tangible in many ways.

Money Can your budget stand the cost of obtaining an animal and paying for its care?

Time Is your schedule steady and free enough to meet a pet’s needs? Is it sufficient for the type and breed of animal you want?

Attention Are you willing and able to notice what your pet needs in terms of food, shelter, play? Are you willing to schedule regular pet care, such as nail-clipping or dental cleanings? Are you willing to learn how to do tasks such as giving your pet a pill?

Physical care Can you handle easily the type of animal you desire? Are you sure that you and family members

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