How to choose a pet for children – Part 2

Compatibility, responsibility and education are the most important factors to consider when choosing a pet for a child. Pets are wonderful especially through the eyes of a child. As the adult you should consider: the breed of the dog, the child’s willingness to take care of another living being , understanding training maybe necessary and that the pet is not a toy.

I am sure we all remember our first pet. What would summer have been without my dog Prince running at my heels through my neighbors fields. We were the best of friends for thirteen years. We went everywhere together. He slept at the end of my bed and got out quickly when my mother came down the hallway. He followed me to the bus and waited for me at the gate to come home. A child will enjoy wonderful moments with their pet ,but they need to understand that their pet is a living creature not a toy. It must be understood that picking up an animal to frequently or tightly could harm them. Animals don’t like being picked up and carried around, the child may be running the risk of being bitten or scratched. A child needs to understand the animal has a will of it’s own. It is not an object.

This leads us to the compatibility factor. When you have decided that your child does understand how to treat the pet ,next is considering what kind of pet would be fit for your child. Kids usually have an idea of what they want, but as the adult you need to decide what the child can handle. There are pets that are low maintenance and of little interaction such as crabs and snakes. Remember that you may end up caring for these pets so don’t pick one you are deathly afraid of. It isn’t fair to the pet. Dogs are probably the most desired pets because of their loyalty. Every breed however has been bred for a certain task. Some dogs are working breeds and display a certain behavior that is not compatible with a child. For example, the Samoyed is very cute to look at, but they do become adults and they are snappish. They are a one person dog and may not like you especially if your child is upset with you. Also do not choose a dog that will become to big for your child to handle. It probably won’t obey your child and will end up dragging him around. There are dogs that are very compatible with children such as spaniels. So do your research there are many dog books out there at pet stores that clearly define a breeds behavior. Compatibility is also based one ones personality.

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