How to choose a dog trainer

Choosing a dog trainer is not an easy job and is important for the welfare of your beloved pet. The dog trainer needs to have the ability to teach your dog the necessary skills for a good behaviour and making your life with your dog enjoyable. A dog trainer needs to love dogs and enjoy working with dogs. A good relationship between your dog and the dog trainer is necessary for reaching the expected results.

While there are so many dog trainers to find; it is important you look around for finding the one where you feel most comfortable with. You don’t choose a dog trainer in a few minutes; it is important you observe and watch his/her training methods.

Maybe you can start with consulting your vet. He probably knows many dog trainers which are suitable for your dog. Talking with friends, family members, relatives can help to find the right trainer no matter if they have positive or negative experiences. They may help you to find a good dog trainer; it is unlikely they will recommend one who didn’t reach the necessary results.

Talking help but it is only the first step for finding the right trainer for your dog. Here are some qualifications a dog trainer needs:


A certificate will proof that the dog trainer possesses some qualifications to train dogs but it is no security he/she will be a good trainer for your dog. There are different kinds of certificates and most people are not aware of the differences between these certificates for knowing if he has the necessary knowledge. The CDT (certified dog trainer) exam provides the necessary knowledge a dog trainer needs for training dogs; a CDTA (certified dog trainer advanced) will provide in more advanced skills.


However, certificates are important; it is important to know more about his experiences with dogs and if he worked already with different breeds. Different breeds require various training methods. However, patience is required for every breed of dogs; some breeds need more than others. For example, training a Golden Retriever is quite different than a Collie; both have different characteristics and another training method is necessary. A golden retriever tempts to be an active dog; a collie is more loyal and protective.


It is important you choose a dog trainer which uses training methods where you feel comfortable with. A dog trainer needs to use human techniques which are not harmful for the behaviour of your dog. It is important he doesn’t

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