How to be a responsible pet owner

When choosing your pet whether it is a dog or cat first you must know does anyone in the household have any allergies which could prevent you from owning a dog or cat. Ask yourself do I have the time and space needed for your pet.For example you would not want a medium to large size dog if you live in apartment or small house with no yard or land for the dog to run. These types of dogs need room to run and get their exercise they need. So choose your pet wisely. Remember dogs and cats have feelings to. Are you getting the dog or cat for the right reasons or just to satisfy a need or want.For example do not get a cat for the sole purpose of being a mouser because you have a problem with mice. Do not bring home a dog if the main reason is for security purposes. Bring them into your home only if you truly care for the dog or cat. Dogs and cats should be treated as part of the family and require your love and attention just as a child would. Dogs and cats must be loved and wanted. You must keep the dog or cat up to date on their shots .They must be bathed as needed some dogs requiring more than others. I know my dog was allergic to her own flee bites and had to have a bath once a week especially during the summer. They must have they necessary room to grow. So please make sure you have what it takes to be a pet owner before bringing the dog or cat into your home. Make sure your pet has a name tag which has your name ,address and phone number on the tag in case something should happen so they will know who to contact in case your pet should ever get lost. Remember only bring a dog or a cat into your home for the right reason and give it the love and attention they deserve. Make sure to have your cat or dog neutered or spayed which ever the case may be. There are so many unwanted dogs and cats already.Remember a responsible dog or cat owner takes time and effort on your part. You must have the patients to house train a dog or litter train a cat. If you work and have a dog do have some else responsible for letting your dog out while you work so it can do what it needs to do outside. Most shelters will not even allow you to adopt a dog if there is no one home for more than an hour or two. These shelters believe in a dog being an inside dog and will not alow you to adopt one other wise. So choose wisely on the dog or cat you are bringing home. Another words be a responsible pet owner.

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