How dog breeds correspond with their owners personalities – Part 1

It is strange how many pet dogs pick up the personality traits of their owners. In some cases they can even end up with a facial resemblance to the person at the other end of the lead. Here we will look at the personality traits and the way that the breed itself corresponds with the owner.

Dogs are followers, which is why they are usually so easy to train. They tend to react and learn from the teaching that their human owners give to them and the way that their owner behaves. This can be observed in the way that they are constantly looking at their owners when out walking, as if to check what the behaviour level should be. If the owner is an excitable person, one who shows that excitement in a physical sense, the dog will react to this, believing that it is a playful time, and become excitable to. Similarly, in a military situation, the dog will act in quite a regimented manner.

In terms of the actual breeds, many people choose a dog that reflects their personality. Breeds such as Mastiffs; Rockweillers; Pitbulls; and Doberman are tough dogs that would not back down from a fight. These are well built dogs and tend to be owned by people who show the same characteristics in terms of physique and personality.

Retrievers and Setters are more relaxed breeds, which prefer an easygoing lifestyle. They are friendly and mix easily. One tends to find that their owners have the same traits.

Collies, Spaniels and Pointers are working dogs. These dogs will act in an active manner and tend to want to work rather than languish in a relaxed setting, similar in character to their owners, who tend to be people who work the land.

Then there are the toy type of dogs, such as the Scotties; Pekinese; Shih-Tzu; Small terriers and Poodles. These dogs are timid, sometimes snappy and like to be pampered. Their owners will often portray the same traits.

In many ways the Toy poodle is the ultimate aristocrat amongst dogs, which is why they tend to find the wealthiest of owners. The reason for this is that this dog actually has a palette like a human, being the only dog with taste buds close to humans in number, and prefers caviar to canned meat.

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