How dog breeds correspond with their owners personalities

Have you ever noticed how some people and their dogs look alike? This has been the subject of some television clips, magazine articles, and talk show commentaries . Just as there is a wide variety of people there is diversity in the many breeds of dogs. Most people who own purebred dogs select them because of certain similar characteristics. Take a look around you at some of the people you know as well as some celebrities to check out if this holds true.

Many times pudgy grumpy people own overweight stodgy dogs such as bulldogs.

Sometimes tall thin people with long faces choose Afghan hounds and other dogs with long thin faces as pets .

Highly strung people sometimes choose miniature breeds with the same personality.

Many times people with long hair choose dogs with long floppy ears.

Larger people tend to select a larger dog.

Active people usually select active sporty dogs.

Many sophisticated people seem to select well mannered dogs that are sleek and fashionable.

Petite people almost always to have small dogs or miniature versions of larger breeds.

Country bumpkins usually own mixed breed dogs.

Those with a large family usually have larger dogs that can withstand playful children.

Sometimes people with wild hairstyles select fluffy haired dogs.

Busy people tend to choose low maintenance dogs.

Rough macho people usually have aggressive dogs they sometimes of adorn with spiked collars and heavy chains.

Many less active and depressed people have a tendency to choose dog that have droopy ears and long faces and like to curl up on the couch for hours at a time .

Some dog owners and their dogs even walk alike.

Many owners who wear quite a bit of jewelry and paint their fingernails have dogs that wear jewel encrusted collars, claw polish, and even various tee shirts , sweaters, coats and accessories.

Oftentimes the dog you select is a representation of your sociological class. It is not unusual for well to do business people to own popular confidant dog breeds.

Attack dogs most times are owned by aggressive people.

Just as there are many different kinds of people, there are many breeds of dogs to choose from. Some people do not like dogs while others say they’re the best pet in the world. The breed of dog you may select to own is usually an outward representation of your personality. Dogs are companions, and people tend to select their pet dogs with similar personality traits as their own. Many times dogs are considered a member of the family and owners and dogs spend quite a bit of time together. So why wouldn’t someone want their best companion to be like themselves.

These are some sites where you can see photographs of people and their dogs. Take a look to see whether or not they really do look alike.

The site is priceless m/dogs.htm

An explanation as to why this happens

http://www.maddogproductions.c om/ds_dogs_owners.htm

children who look like their dogs umor/kids.html

This site can help you choose the dog according to personality _Breed.htm

You can even enter a contest by submitting a photo of you and your dog.


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