How did the dog become mans best friend? – Part 3

How did the dog become man’s best friend?

The simpler question might be; how could the dog not be man’s best friend? Dog and man have been companions for centuries. When you simply look out the window of a populated area, you are sure to see dog and man walking and playing with one another. Whether it is for exercise or for the pure enjoyment of getting outside, dog and man are there, side by side.

A dog’s tolerance for all sorts of human behavior might be one of the key reasons that he and man can become such wonderful friends. Dog’s do not care what your look like, how you act, or how much money you have. They have no reason or desire to judge you on your outward appearance. Instead, they are only looking for love, affection, and food of course. Dog’s hearts can be won over so much easier than human hearts. As long as man has provided shelter and food, the dog considers you his best friend.

Man is also easily won over by dog. Dogs do not talk back, they are always happy to see you, and they are there for you whenever you need them to be. They are a source of comfort and warmth, and they are easily enjoyed. Because a dog relies on man to fulfill his basic needs, it gives man a great sense accomplishment when he is able to provide this. The responsibility to produce both food and shelter for another living thing gives man a reason for being.

Dogs thrive on companionship just as humans do. This is why man has chosen dog to be his best friend rather than cats, pigs, or others. Dogs are easily enjoyed and can learn complex activities. Man can train dogs to do a variety of tasks. Besides the basic commands, dogs are able to do complex tasks. The more time a man spends with his best friend, the more tricks the two of them share. Dogs are closely related to humans minus the attitudes.

The world has come to accept dogs as mans best friend. Man is therefore able to take dogs to many public places and enjoy his company. This worthy companion will be with us for centuries to come.

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