How did the dog become mans best friend? – Part 2

Dogs have been by mans side even before written history, but how did they get there in the first place?

Wolves and Early man lived aside one another as enemies for years, however as man became better hunters and captured more meat than could be carried or used, they began to leave the scraps for the animals. Wolves were typically the first animals to get to the scraps and thus they didn’t have to hunt that night.

As wolves began to eat the scraps more often, they began to become more reliant on humans for food and therefore they no longer threatened humans but instead became more open to them, even wandering into camps. After this relationship continued for a small time, humans saw the advantage of having a creature with great hearing, smell, and hunting abilities and decided to try to have wolfs hunt with them so that it was easier to catch food. As generation after generation of wolf lived with human, they began to become more like pets than wild animals and therefore become domesticated wolves, or dogs.

Eventually nomadic man became a farmer, which meant hunting wasn’t as needed as it had been. Despite this, the dogs stayed and humans trained them for other purposes such as herding newly domesticated sheep. As man became more civilized and manual labor required more intelligence then that of which a dog could supply, they simply became the companions of those who could afford to keep them, and as it became cheaper and cheaper for people to own pets, dogs began to show up in more and more houses for multiple purposes such as protection, and for companionship

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