How did the dog become mans best friend?

Dog’s are credited with having the unusual distinction of being the animal that first bonded with mankind.

This was once thought to be only a relatively recent occurrence happening for the first time about 10 to 20,000 years ago. Recent archaeological findings are placing this date further and further back in time. It appears that when Adam himself was created, God created a companion dog for him as well.

This was satisfactory for a long period of time until Adam wanted another type of a partner. God then created Eve for him.

Man was never exactly happy with this new partner, and ever since a dog has been known as being,

“a man’s best friend”

Love is at the heart of friendship and a dog can love unconditionally when it loyally bonds to its master. The master is not so much a master as a playful friend. The dog is his supporter. A dog shows its courage and its affectionate nature in its ability to doggedly pursue friendship even when being pushed away.

Was a tamed wolf mankind’s first pet? How did man come to trust and to love an animal such as this?

Man is a gregarious animal himself and also loves company.

A dog is the same and loves to bond as a part of a group. It is said to be a pack animal. It is fiercely loyal to the group from then on and becomes attached to loving and almost worshipping its master, or the pack leader to incur and to earn its master’s blessings.

A pet dog was often used for personal protection and its teeth now used against an enemy rather than against its owner. This was often carried one step further with a dog often being buried in the same grave as its owner.

Was it perhaps going with its master into another world to further protect him?

Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell and much better hearing than humans. They have always been domesticated as a companion and a helpmate. Seldom have they been used in rituals like some other animals have been.

Dogs are highly intelligent and think as well as reason. They are industrious and try to please their owners. They can be trained to perform tedious or unpleasant tasks. They do so out of their deeply felt need to maintain the bond with their owner. They are good natured, obedient, and very deeply affectionate.

Other animals are claimed to be just as intelligent, the pig or the dolphin for instance. It is difficult to compare different species in this way, but I would claim that dogs are the most loyal of all animals.

Food is the motivator for most other animals. Loyalty, bonding, eagerness to please and love are the motivators for a dog even over the choice of a moist titbit.

No wonder they are a friend. They never complain and are ever forgiving of us. They always want to stay close to us and be somewhere in our proximity.

Dogs then are solely created to be mankind’s friends. A dog’s soul is karmically linked to their owner, and the dog assists his master to acquire love perhaps when he could have found it in no other way.

Dogs have all of the same emotions as humans, and they pick up on all of our emotions too. When we are sad, they are sad too, and they come to console us and to lick our face.

When we are happy, they are happy too. A dog laughs with its tail, and that’s the only real difference.

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