House training your cat – Part 5

I used to have so much trouble getting to sleep at night. We have four cats in a little two bedroom apartment, and it seems like as soon as you turn out the lights the lazy kitties that have been sleeping all day long suddenly turn feral and run amuk. They race over my bed with me in it, and jump in and out of windows, clanking the blinds together like some demented windchimes. They get on the countertops and tables, knocking off anything they can so they can play with it and drag it around the apartment.

I have tried anything to get them to quiet down at night. Playing with them earlier in the day never winds them down, but in fact only riles them up more for bedtime. If I close the bedroom door so I can get to sleep, they scratch at it or meow until you just can’t take it anymore. I’ve tried spraying them with water when they do this, but they just come back for more. If I spray cat repellent on my door, it doesn’t work. They get over the smell. If I smack them they just run away and come back as soon as I close the door again. How frustrating!

Finally I found the solution. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cats, and I love the kitty comforts of four cats when they DO sleep on the bed, instead of playing on it when I’m trying to sleep. I finally found a product called SSCAT. It’s a spray bottle filled with a harmless, odorless spray (it’s like water) that has a motion-detector on the top. When my kitties are so hyper at night that I just can’t stand it, I lock them out of my room, set the SSCAT outside the door, and go back to sleep. If the cats get too close they set off the motion-detector, and it will emit a high-pitched beep (it’s not enough to bug me while I’m sleeping) and then it will spray them with the watery gas. It has taught all of my cats to stay away when the door is closed. What a relief! You can put it on tables and countertops, in windows, etc., anywhere you want your cat to stay away from, and it will work. You can also set it on beep only, when your cat is sufficiently trained, to save the spray. It’s also refillable. I am so thankful!

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