House training your cat – Part 4

Train your pet just like you train your children: with patience. My cats at home are able to knock on the door, ask for food, and utter a wide range of suggestions. You just have to learn how to listen to them. Our cats learned how to knock on the front and back door to our home from our dog. The quickly learned how to climb up the screen door and while looking through the window, paw until the door was opened for them. My mother taught our cats to ask for food by first standing up on their rear legs, stretching their front paws upwards towards my mother and then put their hands together. Only then would my mother drop a ball of ground beef into their cluthches. After the first cat learned how to do this to beg for food, all the other cats took notice and quickly followed suit. Sleeping with cats, on the other hand, takes no training at all… just that you might find yourself sleeping more than you expected.

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