Home pet care for dogs and cats that save on veterinary expenses – Part 8

This may sound like I’m mad but I’ve only recently realised that I now own a geriatric dalmatian. My dog has gone in the last year from being an extremely bouncy lively pup (well in my eyes and her mind)to a stiff and limping pensioner. The catalyst I believe was the introduction of a new pup and my dog’s need to keep up with the hectic play schedule that all pups seem to enjoy. Molly as a result has been to the vets quite a lot and really I have felt that its not been much of a benefit to either of us. They’ve xrayed and prescribed tablets that have more side effects than benefits and while they are experimenting with her medication I am picking up the tab.

So while the costs had continued to rise I made the decision to treat her in the same way that I’d treat myself. I started her on a course of daily cod liver oil and glucosomine sulphate tablets. Thank heavens she’s a greedy dog and I don’t have to hide these in her food as she takes them like a treat. The glucosomine was increased to 1000mg about a month ago and since then she’s been better than I’ve seen her for quite some time. Her walking is less painful and she’s generally more active around the house. I would have given her aspirin when she was in pain before but in the last month she’s been so well I’ve not had the need. Certainly the results are much better than the painful steroid based injections that’s she endured from the vet. we can now walk about 15 minutes twice a day and although the last leg home is slower than when we start she’s comfortable and happy.

Not all conditions will respond to home care but I believe that they are worth a try. I’ve been very happy with the results because my dog is happier and much more at ease in her own skin. I’ll be continuing with the regime until I can see that her condition is deteriorating but I have every faith that it will be some time away before I need to go the vets again.

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