Home pet care for dogs and cats that save on veterinary expenses – Part 3

A healthy pet is a happy pet, but health doesn’t have to equate to huge sums being spent at the vet’s office. Taking a few steps to care for your friend will ensure a long and healthy life.


While it may be tempting to save a few bucks feeding your dog or cat the grocery store brands of food, these cheap foods are mostly fillers. In other words, they are the dog/cat equivalent of eating Big Macs and french fries every night. Spending a few extra dollars on food will save you big money at the vet. Try Sam’s Club for affordable, nutritious pet food.


While human beings seek a lot of variety in their diets and are put off by the same thing every night, dogs and cats are not. In fact, consistently feeding the same food will improve their health, as it takes an animal time to adjust to a new food source. Constantly changing up your pet’s diet for “a little variety” may be fun for you, but it is unhealthy for your pet causing diahrrhea, constipation, vomiting, and other problems. Animals are not equipped to handle a diet so rich in fats and oils as many of our diets are.


Giving your pet a regular regimen of exercise is crucial for their health. In addition, this gives your pet the chance to bond with you and might just give you an incentive to get a little exercise too. Take your dog for regular walks or jogs. The regular exercise promotes physical and emotional well being for you and your pet.


There is nothing worse than an unexpected vet bill for a chipped tooth or swallowed toy. These mishaps can be expensive for you and fatal for your pet. Watch the toys you buy them. Pieces of rawhide bones can be swallowed while hard bones can chip your dog’s teeth. Make sure that the toys you buy them cannot be chewed into small pieces and swallowed. Stomach and intestinal surgery is expensive and highly risky.

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