Home pet care for dogs and cats that save on veterinary expenses – Part 2

Taking care for your pet’s health on a daily basis will prevent those outrageous vet bills. Proper pet care is simple and relatively inexpensive. If you properly care for your pet, then you will only have to visit the vet for those yearly vaccinations!

There are simple things you can to save on veterinary expenses:

1.) Yearly check-ups. Take your pet to the vet once a year for its yearly physical and vaccinations.

2.) Feed high quality food. Don’t go cheap when it comes to feeding your pet. The better the food, the healthier your pet will be.

3.) Exercise your pet. You don’t have to walk them everyday, but walk them once a week at the bare minimum. If you have a cat, then have plenty of toys that it can chase.

4.) Keep those teeth clean! Many pet owners neglect their pet’s teeth. This is a big no-no. You must help keep the teeth free from tarter and plaque. The pet cannot brush its teeth, so you must be responsible for keeping its teeth healthy. You can buy chews for dogs that contain enzymes that help prevent tarter build up.

5.) Don’t forget that heartworm preventative pill. Get your dog tested your heartworms, then put them on heartworm preventative. Heartgard is the most common preventative. It is a simple chew that tastes great and is given once a month. Keep it on your calender and remember to give it to your dog once a month, every month, to prevent heartworms.

6.) Use flea and tick preventative. Keep your dog and cat free from pests. You can buy flea and tick spray from your local pet stores or you can buy more advanced protection from your vet clinic. Fleas and ticks carry diseases that can be deadly, so it is important to protect your pet and home.

7.) Keep toxins where your pet cannot get into them. Don’t let your pet be the victim of unintentional poison. Keep things that are harmful to your pet locked in a cabinet so that your pet cannot accidentally get into them.

If you follow these simple guidelines, then you will save yourself a lot of money on vet bills. Your pet will live a longer, healthier life if you take proper care of them.

You and your pet will be much happier together.

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