Home pet care for dogs and cats that save on veterinary expenses

While nothing can replace the experience and education of your Veterinarian, there are multiple things that you can do to save yourself the hassle and expense of a visit to the vet.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no alternative to regular check-ups by your vet. This article is just an alternative for BASIC healthcare, NOT emergencies or serious illness!

* IF you think your pet may be really sick, please visit or call your vet.

For information on what to look for as signs of a serious illness or disease in your pet cat refer to http://www.seefido.com/cats/ht ml/symptoms_of_a_sick_cat.htm

For information on what to look for as signs of a serious illness or disease in your pet dog refer to http://www.seefido.com/html/fi rst_diagnosis.htm

Many pet stores offer a variety of products for health care of your dog or cat.

I recommend keeping a few things on hand:

1. Once Daily Vitamins

2. Anti-diarrheal: Both dogs and cats can get diarrhea from changing their normal diet.

2. Dental treats. This does not replace brushing the teeth yourself. There are special brushes and paste that you can find at your local PetsMart.

3. Nail clippers.

4. Ear Care Kit. This especially useful for our ” floppy-eared ” pets, since they can develop ear infections easily.

5. Some form of flea and tick control.

6. Bandages and ” Stop-bleed ” ointment. This is useful for MINOR scrapes or cuts. Never self-treat a bite from another animal. That is an emergency and the pet needs to go to the vet.

7. Hairball supplements.

Here are some other tips for pet care:

1. There are stores (usually a farm/ranch store) that sell the required vaccination shots. They come in a package and the receipt can be used for proof of vaccinations. DO NOT use these if you are not familiar with or comfortable with using needles.

2. Children’s aspirin is a safe alternative for dogs that may have arthritis or joint pain.

3. You can also treat your pet for roundworms and hookworms with supplements.

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