Holistic pet care

Holistic pet care saved the life of my cat, Bum, when he became paralyzed.

While allopathic vets had no recommendations or solutions, my holistic vet was the one who helped Bum survive through a long battle with flacid paralysis from Coon Hound paralysis.

About 12 years ago a beautiful jet black cat came into my life. His owners had moved and left him to fend for himself, despite the fact that he was declawed.

The first time I saw him I catch a glimpse of movement under the bushes. I stopped, turned and saw two full-moon, golden eyes staring at me. He wouldn’t come out, despite his pitiful wail “I want to come to you…I’m hungry!”…but was too afraid to step out and be shunned again by another human.

I kept putting food out for him, and eventually he would eat outside my kitchen window, munching away, happy and getting some meat on his bones again. I started calling him Bum, and when I would say that to him, he’d give me a big, happy kitty blink. Finally one day as I came into the house, a black blur tore past me and lo and behold, a few feet away from me, was this handsome boy! I laughed and said, “well, guess you’ve made yourself at home!”

Bum made himself at home, but in a few months, he became cranky and acted sore on his back. It kept getting worse, until one day, he couldn’t walk. After many trips to my holistic vet, off we went to a specialist to find out he had Coon Hound paralysis. A flaccid paralysis that typically afflicts dogs (the specialist was excited to finally see a cat with it! not at my joy), all we could do was give him good supportive care and diet, and it would eventually get better. But, after 18 months, he didn’t recover his full use of his back legs.

Another side affect of this flaccid paralysis was he started to form bladder stones. Out of this horrific situation, one good thing came out of this: I learned about a remedy that I have used for my dogs and cats ever since. Instead of surgery for bladder stones, instead of the allopathic medicines that are typically steriods, you can use Cranberry and Buchu. They help to break up the stones, and balance out the pH of the urine.

I could tell when he would start to get plugged up, and give him a pill in the morning and at night. Typically within 24 hours he was fine. And, after a solid year of doing this, he never had stones again.

There are a lot of things you can do for your animals that are natural, and much better for their health.

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