Happy Cat on a Leash “Chance”

Chance is over two years old. He likes chasing laser lights, running quickly through cardboard tunnels, drinking water from the bath tub faucet, and he ‘love bites’. He has the respiratory form of the herpes virus which we combat with antihistamine and L-Lysine (Enisyl-F – a nutritional paste), it suppresses his symptoms (sneezing, boogers, eyes watering), he also has environmental allergies. He has a strict diet which results in a beautiful black coat. He insists on playtime and NEVER holds a grudge, and rarely warrants a timeout. He’s tough, and happy!! He’s is a very important member of the family. By the way, most people are using body leashes for fear of hurting the cats windpipe. That’s what I suggest to use, but for Chance, my cat, we have an arrangement, every detail, every nuance, every gesture, “I’m There!” He’s so much fun!

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