Gustav: Step 0, Toilet Training Cat (#2 Graphic)

Gustav’s first day home. (11.5 weeks old) He’s unhappy about the new litter box (and all the changes in his life), but what’s awesome is he doesn’t give up. He figures it out. After jumping in and out several times over about ten minutes, he makes it work. Note: Gustav is the 2nd cat in the household. The first cat, Ramses, age 18 months, toilet-trained with a mock toilet without any accidents. Most cats are stressed by commercial toilet training, but we’ve watched trainer after trainer bring in accident-free victories using homemade mock toilets. Ramses and Gustav, silver and brown Bengals, are the stars of the do-it-yourself blog Ditch the Litter, Embrace the Loo at We thought Ramses was quite the communicator until Gustav arrived. He narrates everything, sunup to sundown. What a boy.

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