Guide to microchip identification for pets

Getting an identification chip for your pet is a great and easy thing to do, especially for dogs, cats tend to run off and you never seem them again, and unless they are usually house cats, i think it’s pointless for a cat. although both of our felines Norman and Oreo have them, mainly because we are overseas and wish to bring them home, just in case the air line looses our cats, we have a chance of getting them back. For dogs it’s ideal, especially if they are kept outside, it’s unlikely, but it does happen, dog-napping, and if for some reason the person takes your stolen pet to the vet you have a chance of recovering your lost friend. My mother had 2 of her dogs stolen to small dogs, taken right from her back yard, and once had her black lab stolen but after posting many pictures, someone mysteriously found her. Always keep the certificates with your important documents, in a fire and water proof safe, in case of a natural disaster you may be able to be reunited with your pet. It ‘s easy and fairly priced for our cats it was about $15.00 dollars

per cat, and they both got little tags to go on there collars, granted they aren’t very cute, but sometimes you have to sacrifice fashion for safety!

Getting your pet microchipped is relatively painless. It is usually done by appointment and only takes a few minutes to do. The vet using a thick hollowed out needle, injects a small “chip” about the size of a grain of rice. It may be slightly smaller. This does cause some discomfort for your pet…but only temporarily. When our cats got their chips it was a matter of seconds before they were over the “hurt” and back to being cats again.

The company that offers the Product AVID also known as Pettrac are very helpful when it comes to lost registration forms. For a small fee $18.99 you can submit a new registration. Which this can be helpful in the event of placing your pet in a new home. Active duty military receive half off this price. The website is a little tricky to navigate, but once you get the contact information the company responds promptly and are very efficent and respectful!

The benfits far exceed any potential downfalls. In rare instances your pet can have a reaction to the injection…usually minimal. If you do notice pain or irritation after a few days take your pet back to the vet who injected and let them check your pet. In rare instances pets can “reject” their microchips. Usually do to a lack of sterilization, injecting a small bit of Bacteria, or dust, can cause the animals immune system to attack the chip…kind of like a human rejecting an organ…just not as life threatening. This is all very rare circumstances.

We are soon leaving our overseas duty station. The peace of mind knowing that our felines will get to our new home is very calming and makes this transition alot easier for me, and wether they know it or not for them too!

If you love your pets, get them microchipped, and get them spayed or neutered.

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