Guide to caring for your pet – Part 8

Every family should have a pet to care for and to love. The type of pet is not as important as the act of picking out an animal and taking responsibility for caring for it seriously. Pets are not toys that you can lose interest in, grow bored with and forget. Once the decision to purchase a pet has been made and the pet enters the home it is the owners responsibility to care for the animal until it’s natural death.

Every animal has its own care regimen and some require more care than others. A family should look at their lifestyle very seriously before making this commitment. Dogs require more than just plopping a bowl of food and water down and a few quick hugs. Depending on the breed will depend on the amount of time and care. Some dogs are high energy and require several walks a day. Others are more docile and will be happy following you around the house. Some dogs are very good with small children while other breeds are not. Do some research on the breed you want to see if it is a good fit for your family. Remember with your commitment comes health care. If you are on a limited income purchasing a pet may not be a good idea. Animals require vaccinations and licenses. If they get sick you will have to take them to the doctor or to a holistic or natural healer. Either choice will require monetary resources.

If resources are an issue you may want to consider a small pet such as a guinea pig or hamster. Their care is not as complex as that of a dog or cat. You will have to provide a cage, bedding, food and water. If your pet becomes sick it will also need to go to the veterinary unless you can get advice from a natural healer or holistic expert and care for it yourself. Holistic medicine doesn’t always mean cheaper medicine. Again make sure that if your children are asking for the pet to have them learn to care for their animal. Also know that kids need to be taught how to do this and they need to be supervised. If you say yes to the animal do it knowing you will be changing the cages bedding, feeding and watering the animal and reminding them to do it. It is a great way to teach kids responsibility and gives them someone to love.

Whatever animal you get remember that they are not perfect. Each animal comes with a to do list. If you are already over loaded with jobs and feel another task will put you over the edge then now is not the time to get that pet the kids are begging you for because you will not have the patience

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