Guide to caring for your pet – Part 7

There is nothing quite like the human experience when one takes on the responsibility of a new pet. It helps to remember that just like kids, they puke, pee, poop, and make messes while requiring lots of love and attention. If you’ve been a parent, then raising a pet is a no-brainer. For those of you that have yet to forge the journey of pet-hood make sure you take the time to learn the basics by visiting your local library or favorite bookstore for the specifics of pet care. But if you’re looking for those quirky exceptions that are not mentioned in the “how to” books, you’ll might appreciate the experience an observations of some well-seasoned pet owners

Hot wings will result when a parakeet flies into a wall heater.

Always flush one fish at a time.

A ferret does not belong in a Habit-trail.

Never spray perfume or hygiene products on small rodents, such as gerbils or hamsters.

Desert tortoises don’t float.

Cutting a cat’s whiskers will lead to equilibrium problems and should not be used as a form of cheap entertainment.

A hug from a Boa Constrictor can be easily misinterpreted.

Saint Bernard drool makes a good substitute for Super glue.

Contrary to popular belief, beer should not be used for flea and tick control.

Feeding a dog honey-baked ham can result in lethal, methane, exposure and human nose burn.

Refusing to neuter an animal who’s lower anatomy drags on the ground IS considered inhumane treatment.

Bird dookey makes an excellent paint remover.

A dog chewing grass is not an indication that he’s helping to mow the yard.

Never hold a cat and start the car engine at the same time.

Computer wires are not a healthy alternative for bunny food.

Never use a portable heater in a dog house.

Macaroni and cheese can induce vomiting.

Chocolate + Chihuahuas = Pet Cemeteries

And never allow your pet to drink from a toilet where the Tidy Bowl Man has been.

Following these pet-wise tips will help your pet live a longer, healthier, and happier life. And lets face it, there’s nothing nastier than a sick or life deprived pet.

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