Guide to caring for your pet – Part 3

I have two dogs, one mini-dachshund, and one dachshund-pit bull mix. I found the mixed breed at the animal shelter; he came in a litter of puppies that were going to be put down because of ringworm. I took the puppies’ home and treated the ringworm. Then sold them for a minimal price, to cover the veterinarian visits and medicines. The mixed breed, now called Jellyroll, was very small and had an enormous head. He looked like a bobble-head. The vet and I were perplexed, and had some difficulty visualizing his conception.

I treated the ringworm with a mixture of natural products and ointment from the vet. I used hydrogen peroxide three times a day to clean the areas. This was an adventure in itself, and I lost seven pounds chasing puppies. I treated them in their order of compliance, the docile ones first, to calm the scared puppies. I kept them in the basement, in a large portable dog pen. When the scared pups observed the treatment would not hurt them, they were more willing to sit still. After the ointment was applied, and somewhat dry, I let them out the door to climb the steps and reach the back yard. This challenged the puppies’ stamina, and wore them out. Which is a good thing.

To care for the seven puppies, I needed pet care supplies to entertain them, keep them safely confined, and prevent flea infestation. I knew that ringworm would be difficult to beat in a litter this size, and had to consider the puppy’s natural behavior in the treatment. I chose some natural pet care supplies; some pet care products from the store, including products that addressed pet care health and well-being, a holistic pet care approach.

Two large portable pet pens, (I choose the ones with a top, because dogs “gotta be free”)

LOTS of newspaper. This was used to line the floors of the pens.

Toys. If puppies don’t have things to chew, they chew on each other. Because of their size, (3 Labradors, 2 blood hounds, 1 golden retriever, 1 jelly-roll), I used rawhide bones, but preferred beef hide and pigs ears. Rawhide in large quantities can bind up the dog, and sometimes make them sick.

Garlic. This is an old, natural remedy for repelling fleas. I mixed garlic in their food, and, with my hands wet, smoothed it onto their coats.

I used a pet spray, formulated with natural ingredients, also to repel fleas. I sprayed the newspaper and surrounding area. I did not want to increase the puppies’ natural scratching urge.

Vinegar. The basement floor is cement.

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