Guide to caring for your pet – Part 2

Guide to caring for your pet

Owning a pet can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience but did you know they could improve your health too? Psychiatric times recently published a study showing that pets may help in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels, reduce stress, and improve overall mental health of their owners. The only thing you need to do is insure the health and happiness of your pet. This can be done with essential care, supplies, and of course your unconditional love. When you first become a pet owner, much like a new parent, there can seem to be an extremely large amount of supplies and duties. These can be broken down into three categories: pet essentials, pet health, and pet extras.

The essentials are what your pet needs to survive. They are not too dissimilar from humans in that respect. They need food and water everyday, exercise, and affection. There are many food products available for pets with many different flavours and appeals. Some are for bigger dogs, some for smaller, some for certain types of breeds and others just for taste. When choosing a type of food go by your dogs size, age and breed. This will ensure that they are getting the correct vitamins and nutrition for growth and energy. The amount of food you give them each day will also be determined by size, age and breed. You can find this information by looking on-line or by asking your veternarian. Most dogs need to be walked twice a day at least just for relieving themselves. Exercise for animals is also determined by, yep you guessed it, size, age and breed. While bigger animals need more exercise the smaller breeds also require a bit of recreational time. The only thing you need for this is a leash appropriate for your animal, long enough for them to explore but close enough for you to keep control. Affection is also something essential to pet care. They crave attention and affection so even if you have a very tight schedule be sure to make time to show your pet you care for them every day not necessarily by giving them a treat but giving them a hug or stroke.

Pet health is something that you have to co-ordinate with another person, your pet’s veterinarian. Whether you rescue your animal or get it from a friend or breeder chances are you know what the breed is but you do not know exactly what care or vaccinations your pet has or has not received. Taking them into the vet’s office for the first time can be a bit daunting for your animal

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