Guide to caring for your pet – Part 1

Having a pet can be extremely rewarding. A pet is a living being though, it needs to be looked after properly. When considering buying a pet, this must be taken into account beforehand. The potential pet owner must be prepared to spend the time and the money that the pet deserves and needs. Before buying a pet, the potential owner needs to ensure that they are able to stick to the commitment that is required to care for a pet correctly.

First of all, whichever type of pet you decide upon, you need to ensure that your home provides a suitable environment for that animal. It is not necessary to have a huge house to keep a pet. There just needs to be enough room for the pet and the surroundings need to be conducive to that animal being happy. It is no good buying a large dog if you live in a small home with no garden and nowhere near suitable for walking the dog. A cat will need to be able to get in and out (provided the cat is not a house cat). A cat may not be a sensible choice of pet for someone living near a really busy road.

Once you have decided on your pet and brought your pet home, you need to look after it. It is not just a case of feeding and walking (if a dog). The animals complete wellbeing needs to be taken into account and all of the requirements taken care of.

Before you bring the pet home, you need to ensure that you have all of the necessary pet care supplies. A dog would need to have somewhere suitable to sleep. It will need feeding bowls. A dog collar with an identity disc will be necessary and a lead. The dog will also require some toys. Dogs often like squeaky toys that they can chew on. Some dogs can be quite destructive with these so a more robust ball type plaything may suit the dog better. Pet care supply shops are a good place to look for pet toys, selling a wide selection. Pet care products and supplies can also be bought on line. I tend to look on line as there is not a shop near me and I look out for discounts as well as the full range.

Once you have your new pet home, you need to take care of its physical needs. Hopefully you will have been able to find out the brand of food and quantity that the animal has been fed. Changing the food at the same time as moving may cause a stomach upset. You may find it necessary to change the feed at a later date, but don`t change things for the sake of it. The pet will need to look healthy but not fat, or too thin. Not only do you need to feed an amount suitable

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