Great gift ideas for cat lovers – Part 1

If you are shopping for a gift for a cat lover, then lucky you! It isn’t

hard to find gifts for cat lovers-you are only limited by your imagination

and your pocketbook!

Here are five ideas for gifts and places to look:

1. GIFT SHOPS-Some gift stores have selections for animals lovers with

everything from cat figurines and jewelry to purses and clothing. Don’t

just grab the first thing you see that has a cat on it, though. Make sure

it is something your friend would like.

2. ONLINE SHOPPING-If you like to shop from the convenience of home, and

don’t mind paying shipping, there are websites like or that have gifts for cat lovers. Search “gifts for cat

lovers” and you come up with plenty of choices. Be sure and order early

to allow for shipping time.

3. Cat sitting-Offer to feed your friend’s cat if he has to be out of

town. Some cat owners don’t like to board their pet, but may hesitate

to ask friends for help. Knowing that someone reliable is looking after

their pet is a great relief. Take time to pet the cat a little if it is

friendly. Cats that are left alone can sometimes get destructive if they

are bored!

4. Photos-Take a good, clear, close-up photo of your friend’s cat, or

the two of them together, and enlarge it. Black and white or sepia photos

look elegant in a plain black frame, which lets the focus be on the subject.

This is a gift any cat owner would love, and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

5. Toys and treats-Cat lovers like to receive gifts for their kitty, too!

If you are giving them treats, make sure the cat isn’t on a special diet.

Cats love toys they can chase or bat at. Make sure there are no sharp edges

that could cut their mouths, or small pieces that they could choke on. Many

cats love toys with catnip in them.

Lastly, be sure to remember your friend if their cat dies. The emotions from

the loss of a pet can be as strong as losing a loved one, but some people feel

embarrassed or uncomfortable expressing their grief over an animal. Sympathy

cards that are specifically for the loss of a pet are available in some stores.

Sending simple flowers or a small gift is also appropriate. Don’t feel

uncomfortable if your friend wants to talk about their cat. Tell them your

favorite memory, if you have one, about their pet. They will appreciate you

being understanding.

Have fun choosing a gift for your cat-loving friend!

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