Great gift ideas for cat lovers

A PERSONALIZED CAT PORTRAIT is one of the most personal and unique gifts that a cat lover can receive. As a pet portrait painter, I have seen the tears in the owners’ eyes when they see their beloved “baby” immortalized on canvas, and I cry with them. The cat lover who has lost their precious companion will also cherish a portrait of their dear friend, especially those that present the pet in different poses and moods. These are harder to create, as I’ve often heard some of the stories about these pets and I am anxious to present their pet just as they are remembered, but the feeling I am left with when the owner finally receives the gift is immeasurable. Some people prefer the portrait to have a few special words of remembrance or the pet’s name. When given as a gift, this type of present is from the heart and is sure to have a great deal of meaning for the owner and the gift giver.

Another unique gift for the cat lover is a card or gift FROM THE CAT TO Its OWNER on a special occasion. By giving this type of gift, the owner will be very surprised and touched by the very fact that the one who picked out and gave the gift went out of their way to recognize the pet’s love for the owner as well as the owner’s affection for the pet.

Other gifts for the Cat Lover includes:

BASKETS OF KITTY GOODIES the perfect gift for a home with a new kitten. The basket may include a variety of items including: a kitty bowl, kitty treats, catnip filled toys, or selection of toys, for the kitty to play with.

Any of the following things can be included in a basket or given alone as a great cat lover gift:





-BOOKS ABOUT CATS, both informative and fiction.

-LARGE, COLORFUL PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOKS make a great gift for the cat lover.

-CAT KITCHEN ACCESSORIES such as cookie cutters, salt and pepper shakers.

-CAT HOME DCOR such as Cat Clocks, Cat Lamps, Cat Shaped Rugs, Cat Shaped Bowls and Dishes with Cat Images on them, also Cat Shaped Pots to hold plants.

-CAT JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES such as earrings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, toe rings, wristbands, or barrettes. There are cat charms for charm bracelets.

You can get a lot of this jewelry in sterling silver, with rhinestones and with other jewels for the eyes. You can even find cat cufflinks for men.

-FASHION ACCESSORIES such as bags or purses, coin purses or key chains.

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